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Heavy Duty Engine Oils

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Neste launches new heavy-duty diesel engine oils - in support of commercial vehicle emissions targets

During September-October 2020, Neste launch renewed heavy-duty diesel engine oils. With the renewal, Neste will offer products for professional transport that meet the European Union's updated environmental targets and the car manufacturers' stricter emission requirements. For example, the product properties of new oils can be used to reduce fuel consumption.

"Fuels and lubricants play an important role in the transportation of heavy equipment. Our customers have been satisfied with Neste MY renewable diesel ™ fuel and have also wanted more climate-sustainable solutions for the lubricant range. That's why it's great to be able to bring new products to our professional business customers. The new diesel engine oils can be used in trucks and various work machines, ”says Joni Pihlström, Neste's Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales.

In support of emissions targets for the transport and logistics sector

Trucks and buses account for about a quarter of EU CO2 emissions from road transport, representing on average 6% of total EU emissions. The EU-wide CO2 and emission standards for heavy duty vehicles adopted in 2019 set targets * for, among other things, reducing the average emissions of new trucks in 2025 and 2030.

“For our part, we want to make it possible for companies operating in the logistics sector to achieve the set emission targets with the help of our products. For example, our renewed diesel engine oils have longer change intervals than before, which saves on raw material consumption. In addition, our new products contain a wide range of oils of different viscosity grades, which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 1-4%. This in turn reduces the company's own greenhouse gas emissions from traffic. It's also good to remember that driving has an effect on emissions, ”says Pihlström.

The new oils are formulated with low ash additives. This keeps the exhaust after-treatment equipment cleaner, reduces the need for maintenance and extends the life of the equipment. The renewed diesel engine oils also have the latest official approvals from the engine manufacturers, so the oils can also be used in the maintenance of warranty cars.

“The renewed engine oils are also well compatible with Neste MY renewable diesel. The Neste MY renewable diesel sold in Finland is made entirely from waste and residues, and enables the company to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% ** over its entire life cycle, compared to the use of fossil diesel. When both renewed heavy-duty diesel and Neste MY renewable diesel are used, a more climate-sustainable combination is obtained, ”says Pihlström.


*) European Council: Reducing emissions: the Council adopts CO2 standards for lorries

**) The method for calculating life cycle emissions and emission reductions is in line with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28 / EC).