Become an importer and distributor of Neste products


Neste is looking for reliable and long-term partners.


Neste offers for partner:

  • High-quality lubricants for vehicles
  • Competitive prices
  • Favorable working conditions
  • Fast and reliable deliveries from a warehouse in Finland on FCA Nurmijärvi condition
  • Technical and marketing support and training
  • Related Marketing Materials
  • Reliable and long-term partnerships


Neste expects from partner:

  • The possibility of organizing logistics operations from Finland to the region of the partner’s activities
  • The presence of a warehouse in the region of activity
  • Willingness to sign a distribution agreement with Neste
  • Targeted volume of purchases of lubricants and auto chemicals Neste ~ 400.000 kg in the first year of operation (discussed further)
  • Willingness to conduct regional marketing campaigns in the territory of activity (with the support of Neste)
  • Willingness to post information about Neste products on your company's website
  • Existing customer base is an added plus, as well as experience in working with the auto parts sector or various enterprises using lubricants and auto chemicals.


Briefly about the brand and lubricants Neste:

  • Neste offers customers a wide range of lubricants for transport and industry.
  • The development of lubricants takes into account the harsh northern conditions with very large seasonal temperature extremes.
  • Products are certified according to international standards ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • The Neste brand is known in many countries and has proven itself well.