Coolants — effective protection for the engine at any temperature

The additives of coolants protect the car's engine and cooling system in both cold and hot temperatures. Neste product range includes traditional coolants as well as high-quality coolants for very long change intervals. Coolants are based on ethylene or propylene glycol, have excellent anti-freeze properties and protect the radiator from corrosion.

Choose the right coolant according to the change interval and frost resistance

The additive content of the coolant determines its performance, which further determines the drain interval.

The frost resistance of ethylene glycol-based coolants can be measured either with a specific gravity metre or a refractometer. However, the measurement performed with a specific gravity metre can give inaccurate results due to e.g. impurities and additives contained in the coolant. The measurement performed with a refractometer usually gives the most reliable measurement result. 

Mixing different coolants is not recommended, but if you need to add coolant, you can temporarily add Neste Special Coolant. Ethylene and propylene glycol-based coolants must not be mixed together.


Neste Pro+ Coolant


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Neste Pro+

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Neste Special Coolant


Neste Special Coolant

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