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Invest in operational reliability with high-quality hydraulic oils developed in Finland that guarantee excellent performance even in challenging conditions 

Whether it's a work machine or a vehicle, the importance of hydraulic oil is huge: Up to 90 percent of hydraulic damage is caused by lubricating oil that has lost its ability to function. The oil used in the hydraulic system must have the correct viscosity and, in addition, it must be properly formulated. It must stay clean and water-free and must not be allowed to oxidize, i.e. age. Neste's hydraulic oils are designed to work reliably: Thanks to top-quality additives, the viscosity values ​​and lubricating properties, Neste hydraulic oils perform reliably.

Prevent damage by choosing the right hydraulic oil

The oil used in the hydraulic system must have right viscosity, contamination-free, clean and water-free and must not be affected by oxidation. In some hydraulic industry guides, it is said that up to 90% of hydraulic failures are caused by oil. The damage can also be caused by other reasons. These include water, dirt or even sand that has gotten into the oil. Even wrong-quality top-up oil or neglecting to change the oil and filters periodically can cause serious damage. By carefully following the manufacturer's instructions, a long-lasting and trouble-free operation of the hydraulic system is ensured.

The correct viscosity in the operating temperature range is perhaps the most important characteristic of a hydraulic oil. In outdoor use, temperatures can change rapidly, which is why outdoor oils are mostly multi-grade. When it heats up during operation, the oil becomes thinner. If it gets too thin, the system's performance starts to decrease due to internal leaks, the valves start to stick due to lack of lubrication and excessive wear occurs in the pump. The best viscosity range for continuous operation is around 16...36 cSt. Then there are still no internal leaks, i.e. the system's performance is good, the lubrication ability is good, preventing the parts from wearing out, and the stiffness of the oil does not yet cause additional flow resistance.

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