Lubricating greases

Neste lubricating greases protect equipment and vehicles even in the most demanding applications

Neste lubricating greases protect equipment and vehicles from temperature fluctuations, humidity, wear and load. Neste offers lubrication and corrosion prevention for the most challenging conditions and operation under extreme loads.

Lubricating greases are mineral or synthetic oils thickened with various surfactants and soaps. In addition to this, lubricating greases can contain various additives that improve e.g. lubrication and EP properties and corrosion resistance.

Based on the requirements and application, a lubricating grease can be selected depending on the operating temperature range, lubrication properties and penetration/fluidity properties. Neste lubricating greases are lithium- and calcium-based greases containing complex thickeners, which can cover the demanding applications of both traffic and industry.

Lubricating greases are suitable for a wide range of applications and are important for extending the service life of equipment

Our wide range of lubricating greases includes, for example, general purpose greases, greases suitable for wheel bearings and cardan shafts, greases suitable for joint pins, for greasing the chassis, central lubricant systems and greases suitable for wet and humid conditions. 

The performance of the lubricating grease is achieved by the combined effect of the base oil and additives, as well as the properties of the selected thickener. Typical features of thickeners:


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