Lubricants - smooth running in the toughest conditions

Neste lubricants have been developed for cold arctic conditions, in which starting and running engines places extreme demands on lubricant performance. They represent the cutting edge in traffic and industrial applications.

For retail - A full line up of premium-quality motor oils, transmission and gear oils, and hydraulic oils, as well as greases offering high-performance even in the most demanding conditions – with fast and flexible deliveries conveniently from a single supplier. 

For vehicles - A single supplier for a full line up of premium-quality lubricants for all types of engines, gearboxes and transmissions, as well as hydraulics, offering reliability and long life even in the most demanding arctic conditions. 

For industrial use - A wide range of reliable and long-lasting lubricants for demanding industrial applications from turbines, gears and paper machines to compressors and mould release oils. Our technological know-how and expertise in the specialised requirements of industrial use ensure our ability to respond to your demands and provide the support you need.

Premium base

Our high quality lubricants are formulated with high quality base oils and the best available additives. They are the result of many years of experience and extensive knowledge of both automotive and industrial lubricants. 

Certified quality

Neste lubricants are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, and designed to fulfill the requirements of the customer, equipment manufacturer and industry association standards.

Benefits of Neste lubricants

  • Better wear protection
  • Longer oil change interval
  • Reduced fuel consumption 

Lubricating the machine